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Premium Heavy Duty Fabric Stain Remover


Pre-Wash (Premium Heavy Duty Fabric Stain Remover) EN1023

PRE-WASH is a premium heavy duty fabric stain remover, with an advanced and superior formula to fight and remove tough stains that can be used on most types of fibres and fabrics.

PRE-WASH will remove a wide range of soiling, such as grass, collar and cuff grime, perspiration, baby food, dirt, blood, tomato sauce, salad dressing, ink, tea, coffee, make-up etc.

PRE-WASH is biodegradable and environmentally sustainable.

PRE-WASH is ammonia-free, nonylphenol-free and phosphate-free.

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Use neat. Simply spray onto stained areas prior to washing. Allow 2-3 minutes for liquid to penetrate before placing in the wash. For tougher than usual stains, spray again and allow a longer period for the liquid to penetrate clothing, soak in water required. Do not use on silk, denim, leather or wool or other fabrics which may use non-colourfast dyes. Pre-Wash is safe for all colourfast washables. If in doubt, always patch-test first using an inside seam of fabric.

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