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Squeaky AL

Premium Heavy Duty Automatic Dishwashing Detergent


Squeaky AL is a premium heavy duty alkaline cleaner, specially designed for automatic dishwashing machines. Squeaky AL is an advanced formula that will simultaneously clean all your kitchenware as well as your machine, controlling scale build-up, preventing unpleasant odours and reducing servicing costs, resulting in a sparkling and streak free wash. Squeaky AL contains no nonylphenols or phosphates. Squeaky AL is suitable for use in hard water and is biodegradable.

Premium Heavy Duty Alkaline Cleaner

Triple Strength Action with Built-In-Descaler

Suitable for commercial environments such as the hospitality and food manufacturing industries


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Squeaky AL should only be dispensed through automatic dispensing equipment. Squeaky AL is fed directly from the container through the feed line into the machine. The amount of detergent used is controlled by adjusting the metering device.

Refer to your manufacturer’s manual and/or dispensing equipment for further specifications.

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