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Sani Clean Concentrate

Sanitiser Food Grade Concentrate


Sani Clean Concentrate is a colourless, odourless sanitising fluid formulated for germ killing and is highly recommended for the hospitality, health and beauty industries for sanitising walls, equipment, benchtops, utensils and all other sealed, hard nonporous washable surfaces.

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Sani Clean is a concentrated solution and must be diluted for use: dilute 50ml/1 Litre of water. Dispense diluted Sani Clean into a spray bottle and adjust to mist. Spray on all pre-cleaned food contact areas, table tops, benchtops, utensils, automatic cutting equipment or surface to be sanitised. Wipe dry for immediate use or allow to air dry. Do not rinse.

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Non Dangerous Goods (NON DG)


5L, 5L (3 Pack)

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