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Oven Bright

Oven Grill & BBQ Cleaner


OVEN BRIGHT is a premium quality, fast acting oven, grill, hot plate and BBQ cleaner. OVEN BRIGHT is an advanced concentrated formula, containing a strong blend of surfactants and alkali designed for removing and dissolving fat, grease, carbon and burnt-on food residues. OVEN BRIGHT is ideal for use in domestic and commercial kitchens to clean oven, grills, hot plates, deep fryers, range hoods and BBQ’s, leaving a sparkling/hygienically clean result. OVEN BRIGHT can be used on steel, stainless and enamel surfaces. Do not use on aluminium or painted surfaces. OVEN BRIGHT contains no nonylphenols or phosphates and is made from biodegradable surfactants.

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Always ensure protective safety wear is worn when handling and using this product. Recommended dilution rates (to 1 litre of water): Light soiling: dilute 20-50mls to 1 litre. Medium soiling: dilute 50-75mls to 1 litre. Heavy soiling: dilute 50-100mls to 1 litre. Apply solution onto warm surface to be cleaned (approximately 60 degrees). Allow to soak for 1-2 minutes (gentle scrubbing may be required). Always wash off product thoroughly with water once cleaning has been completed. Refer to product DFU, PDS and SDS for further details.

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