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Your Anywhere, Everywhere Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner


ECCO is an environmentally safe non toxic, non corrosive, state of the art premium, multi-purpose and stainless steel surface cleaner. ECCO is formulated with a blend of water based surfactants, emulsifiers and wetting agents designed to clean grease and dirt off all sealed and washable, stainless steel and other hard polished surfaces (i.e. kitchen splash-backs, appliances etc). ECCO contains no ammonia, nonylphenols or phosphates and is readily biodegradable.

Heavy Duty Cleaner with Instant Results. Saves time and labour.

Your Anywhere, Everywhere Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner.

Chef Approved. Aussie Approved.

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Ready to use. Simply spray and wipe surface to clean with a dry cloth or paper towel. For best results: Spray onto warm surface to be cleaned. The warmer the surface the easier Ecco will clean.

To protect and polish stainless steel surfaces use Enigmaclean’s Stainless Steel Care product code: EN1074.

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Non Dangerous Goods (NON DG)


500ml (15 Pack), 500ml, 5L, 5L (3 Pack), 15L

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