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Biodegradable Degreaser


Universal is a powerful, low foam, biodegradable and citrus based multi-purpose degreaser concentrate. Universal contains a unique blend of detergents and alkalis designed to dissolve and remove oil and grease of concrete floors, engines, machinery, transmission and truck chassis, and where general cleaning is required. Universal is ideal for environmentally sensitive areas. Universal contains no nonylphenols or phosphates.

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Apply product to the surface to be cleaned. Allow to penetrate. Wash with high pressure equipment or rinse with potable water. Repeat if necessary. Recommended dilution rates:

General Cleaning 25ml/1 Litre

Hard to Clean Surfaces 180ml/1 Litre

Degreasing engines & chassis 500ml/1 Litre

Concrete & workshop 100ml/1 Litre

Mining equipment (heavily soiled) 180ml/1 Litre

Pressure Washing 40ml/1 Litre

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