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18 Natalia Avenue
Oakleigh South, VIC 3167

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EN2100 is a powerful pH neutral degreaser formulated with the finest mix of surfactants and wetting agents available, designed to clean even the toughest dirt without the harmful use of harsh chemicals. EN2100 is non-caustic, non-toxic, friendly to the environment and can be used on all nonporous surfaces. This product has been independently tested and certified as readily biodegradable according to Australian Standards AS4351-2.


5L, 5L (3 Pack), 20L

Product Classification

Non Dangerous Goods (NON DG)

Recommended dilution rates- General Cleaning: 30ml/1 Litre Grease & Oil: 100ml/1 Litre Concrete Floors: 25ml/1 Litre Motors: 100ml/1 Litre Pressure Cleaners: 25ml/1 Litre Heavy Duty Cleaning: Use neat. Apply with warm water, allow 5 minutes to penetrate. Wipe or wash with potable water. Food Processing Areas (includes all food manufacturing and preparation areas i.e abattoirs, boning rooms, seafood processing, and hospitality industry): 50ml/1 Litre. Increase dilution rates if required. Always rinse areas treated with potable water after cleaning. Hydrocarbon Spills: Heavy 100ml/1 Litre Medium 60ml/1 Litre Light 50ml/1 Litre. VOC’s Control: 50ml/1 Litre.

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